Life Insurance

Dawson James Financial Services, Inc. can assist you in determining your personal, family and business life insurance needs. Already have life insurance? Did you know that one of the few costs that have been decreasing every year is the cost of life insurance! Why? People are living longer. If your policy was purchased prior to the year 2000, rates may be based on the 1980 or 1956 mortality tables. In other words, the same policy may cost less today; perhaps reducing future premiums for many years to come.

It’s easy to find out how much money you could be saving. Just send an email and one of our professional licensed associates will help you design an insurance solution. To assist you in your needs, we would like you to examine:

  • Term Insurance
  • Permanent Insurance


Term Insurance is life insurance for a period of time. For example, if you purchased $250,000.00 of 20 year renewable term, your initial rate remains the same for 20 years. At year 21, the policy would “renew” at a higher rate and increase each future year. Variation include 10,15 and 30 year renewal term and decreasing term (for a mortgage or amortized debt). On the plus side, term insurance initially costs less than permanent. The negative is that term (over time) will cost more and does not accumulate cash value.


Permanent insurance has many names, but most plans have a level premium and accumulate cash values. Marketing names include whole life, limited pay life, universal life and endowment. Why would you buy a permanent plan? Some needs are permanent, such as funding final expenses. Lower net cost can be achieved (over time) utilizing a permanent plan instead of term. Interest, cash accumulation and dividends can also enhance this type of coverage, along with the ability to skip premiums, change insured, access cash value, etc. In certain divorce proceedings, permanent plan premiums are tax deductible.

Is term or permanent the better choice? It doesn’t matter to the beneficiary; who will only ask “how much?” Therefore, it is our approach to make sure your needs are documented and properly insured.

Dawson James Financial Services, Inc. searches the marketplace for you, seeking multiple price and benefit options. The final choice is yours; with the knowledge you cannot buy the same plan anywhere else for less.