FOR ACCOUNTS HELD AT StoneX Financial Inc.
Retail Confirmation Fee $30.00
Paper Delivery Surcharge for Client Confirms1 $0.75
Paper Delivery Surcharge for Client Statements $2.50
ACAT Processing Transfer Out $75.00
Copies of Monthly Statements/Confirms $10.00 per month
Foreign Security Custody Fee $5.00
(per position per month)
DRS Reject $30.00 + pass-through of
TA & DTC fees
DRS Transfer $100.00 + pass-through of
TA & DTC fees
DTC/Government/DWAC Delivery $30.00 + pass-through of
(per delivery) TA & DTC fees
Other DTC Items (e.g., reorg, etc.) $30.00 + pass-through of
TA & DTC fees
Interested Party Confirm (per confirm) $3.25
Foreign Security Delivery (per delivery) $100.00
Inactive Account Fee (Annually per account)2 $50.00
Option Exercise/Assignment  Surcharge $25.00
Overnight Delivery Package $25.00
Overnight Delivery Package (Saturday delivery) $35.00
Pledge Account Setup Fee $100.00
Pledge Account Annual Fee $50.00
Margin and COD Extensions $10.00
Rights/Warrants Subscriptions $75.00
Corporate Actions $50.00
Alternative Investments (per month per security) $10.00
Accommodation Transfer (per certificate) $100.00
Bond Redemption/Conversion  (physical certificates) $100.00
Employee Stock Option Processing $50.00
Foreign Physical Certificate Receive/Deliver $250.00
Legal Transfer (per transfer) $50.00 + pass-through of
TA & DTC fees
Restricted Security Clearance $100.00 + pass-through of
(per delivery) TA & DTC fees
Return Deposit of Certificates (DTC) $150.00
Vault/Safekeeping (per certificate per month) $5.00
Transfer & Ship $600.00 + pass-through of
(per transfer per certificate) TA & DTC fees
Rush Transfer & Ship $750.00 + pass-through of
(per transfer per certificate) TA & DTC fees
Precious Metal Safekeeping Fee 50 bps per annum charged quarterly (min. $5/Qtr)
The above fees for account services provided by StoneX  Financial Inc. may be charged to your account at the time of or prior to the service being rendered.  A portion of these fees may be charged by your introducing Broker-Dealer.

Dawson James 1216

Cash Debits Standard Margin Rates
Federal Reserve Wire Transfer $35.00
International Wire Transfer $50.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (per item) $40.00
Paid CMA Overdraft (per item) $35.00
Pre-Payment $35.00 + interest
Returned CMA Check (per item) $40.00
Rush CMA Checks $75.00
Check Request (per check) $10.00
ACH to Third Party (per transfer) $10.00
Stop Payment $30.00
Annual Fees (not prorated) $50.00
Private Placement Security – Processing Fee $200.00
Private Placement Security – Custody Fee $100.00
Profit Sharing Plan Fee $65.00
Termination Fee $100.00
Termination and Transfer $150.00
Establishment $50.00
Change of Beneficiary $25.00
Termination $100.00
Transfer to Beneficiary $200.00

1  Clearing Firm reserves the right to adjust the surcharge based upon changes in postal, paper, vendor or other cost factors. The paper delivery surcharge for confirmations  is accessed on a per trade basis and billed as incurred.

2  Inactive  accounts  are defined  as accounts  holding  a security position for a calendar year (January 1 – December 31) without generating a) a trade or b) a free credit or margin interest of at least $100. Mutual fund systematic reinvestments and exchanges will be considered a trade. Dividend reinvestment activity is not considered a trade. Inactive fees do not apply to retirement accounts  where  Clearing  Firm  acts  as  custodian  or  servicing agent  and  collects  service  fees.  Accounts  exclusively  holding book   entry   onlyǁfixed   income   positions   or   an   aggregate FundVest position of $10,000 or more are exempt from this fee. Clearing Firm reserves the right to charge this fee on a pro rata basis for accounts that terminate their relationship with Clearing Firm and upon termination of the Fully Disclosed Clearing Agreement for any reason by either party.

Dawson James 1216