ACAT Processing Transfer Out
DRS Reject $50.00
DRS Transfer $100.00
DTC / Government / DWAC Delivery (per delivery) $50.00
Foreign Security Delivery (per delivery) $100.00
Inactive Fee (Annual) $65.00
Interested Party Confirm (per confirm) $3.00
Option Exercise / Assignment Surcharge $25.00
Overnight Delivery Package $25.00
Overnight Delivery Package (Saturday delivery) $35.00
Pledge Account Setup Fee $50.00
Pledge Annual Fee $50.00
Regulation T Extension $20.00
Voluntary Reorganizations $50.00
Bulletin Board Security (Operations obtains paperwork & processes)
Bulletin Board Security (Operations receives paperwork & processes) $150.00
DTC Legal Transfer Fee $70.00
Foreign Physical Certificate Receive / Deliver
Legal Transfer (per transfer)
Restricted Security Clearance (per clearance) Rush Transfer (per transfer)
Safekeeping (per certificate) Transfer & Ship (per transfer)
$50 + transfer agent fees
$100 + transfer agent fees
$30.00 every 6 mo.
Cash Debits
Standard Margin Rates
Check Copies (per check) $5.00
Federal Reserve Wire Transfer $35.00
International Wire Transfer $50.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (per item) $40.00
Paid Overdraft (per item)
Return Deposit (per check)
$35.00 + Interest
Rush CMA Checks $75.00
Stop Payment $30.00
Annual Fees (not prorated)
Annual Limited Partnership / Private Asset Fee (per partnership) $75.00
Profit Sharing Plan Fee $65.00
Per Participant $5.00
Termination and ACAT Transfer Fee $150.00
UNI-K (personal 401-k) $65.00


The above fees for account services provided by Sterne,Agee & Leach, Inc. may be charged to your account at the time of or prior to the service being rendered and became effective October 1, 2014.

When investing in American Realty Capital Non-Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts, Realty Capital Securities, LLC will be paid up to 7% (subject to the volume discounts and other special circumstances described in the “Plan of Distribution” section of the Prospectus) of the per share purchase price of shares in the primary offering. Realty Capital Securities, LLC will reallow all selling commissions to Dawson James Securities, Inc.

All offerings in American Realty Capital Non-Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts are made by prospectus. Investors must receive a copy of the Prospectus prior to the time the subscription document is signed.



Fees Assessed Direct to Customer
Customer Account Transfers (incoming)
Customer Account Transfers (outgoing)
       Full ACATS $100.00
                Plus closing IRA fees if applicable
       Partial ACATS $75.00
       Delivery Orders $50.00
       Cleared Stock Withdrawal Fee 4.5% of the value of the electronic transfer
Withdrawal by transfer (Physical certs from DTC)
       Regular $1,000.00
       Rush $2,000.00
Check Cancellation Fee $25.00
Wire Fees
       Domestic $75.00
       International $250.00
       Wire Rejects $100.00
       Wire Traces $100.00
Commissions for Buy/Sell Transactions
       Early Pay for Correspondent Accts  3% directly to Alpine; $300 minimum
Ticket Charges Equity Securities $45.00
Ticket Charges Mutual Funds) $45.00
Settlement fee .0005 per share. [max. 150 basis points of the principal amount (0.0150 x principal), min. 95 basis points of the principal amount (0.0095 x principal), per transaction]
Trading Activity Fee $0.000119/share (max. $5.95 per trade)
Activity Assessment Fee (applies to sells only)  $18.40/million of the principal (0.0000184 x principal amount)
Corporate Actions
Rush CMA Checks $100 each
Inactive Account Fee (Annually)
       No Account Activity for 12 consecutive Months $100.00
FFI Document Review Fee $1000.00
Federal Express Delivery
Regular $35.00
International $100.00
Saturday Delivery $50.00
LOA’s / Delivery Orders
       Family Related $0.00
       Non-Family Related $75.00
DRS $370.00
       Transfer agent fees may also apply
DWAC $370.00
       Transfer agent fees may also apply
Certificate Deposit/Clearance
       DTC Eligible $750 per deposit
       Non-DTC Eligible $1000 per deposit + T/A & Delivery Fees, + Buy-ins
       Rush Fees $250 per deposit + all other deposit and T/A fees
       Deposit Rejects $300 per deposit
       Legal Fee $200 per deposit (if required)
Certificate Transfers (delivery fees will also apply)
       Transfer agent fees: Vary among transfer agents.
       Normal Transfers Transfer agent fee plus 20% of transfer agent fee (min. charge: $40.00 per transaction)
      Transfers Legend Removal Transfer agent fee plus 25% of transfer agent fee (min. charge: $300.00 per transaction